Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics created by the Federation will help provide a robust series of policies that sets the ethical standard of conduct for the local, regional, national and european pageant community. It is designed to serve as a baseline of ethics for those associated with the pageant industry


The Code of Ethics of Pageantry sets out how to manage a successful relationship between an organzation and each of its delegates, and/or its candidates, but also between the different organizations.

It is underpinned by a set of ethics based on good faith and fair dealings, which if followed, will make sure that any organization-delegate relationship is characterized by transparency and loyalty. All of the most successful franchises are based on this philosophy.


The Code is binding for all of the Federation’s Members as well as their respective memberships. However, it also serves as guidelines across the pageantry industry. It can be used as guidance to legislators, the judiciary, pageants organisations as a standard.

The national pageantry associations that are members of the Federation have the right and freedom to adopt for their country additional extensions to the Code to fit the evolution of laws in their country.

Originally written by founding members of the Federations, the Code will be reviewed each year to integrate grass-roots evolutions and to be a living Code.