Federation Membership

Join the European Federation of Pageantry

Download and complete the file below, and send it back to us with the necessary documents so that it can be examined by the admission commission of the federation whose dates for the year 2023 have already been published.

Document required

  • Society Constitution file
  • Last Minutes of the General Assembly
  • Pageant Rules
  • Director Contract
  • Titleholder Contract
  • Last Year Pageant Result

Date of the Admission Committee

Date of Admission Committee Deadline for Receipt of the File
1st trimester February 19, 2023 February 5, 2023
2nd trimester June 18, 2023 June 4, 2023
3rd trimester September 24, 2023 September 10, 2023
4th trimester December 17, 2023 December 3, 2023