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What is the European Federation of Pageantry?

According to Women’s News and Forbes, 10 million girls and men participate in 250,000 beauty pageants each year in the world. The pageantry is a great platform that can be used to defend causes, promote values and become the best of oneself…

Through our alliances, our networks, the European Federation of Pageantry wishes to unite organizations to create a positive, ethical image of this industry.

The European Federation of Pageantry was founded in 2022 as a not-for-profit and independent association to promote and defend pageantry ethics, self-regulation, and best practices, thus also providing consumer protection of pageant systems, suppliers…

The European Federation of Pageantry wants to recognize as the leading voice for ethical pageantry. We will speak for the pageantry industry in Europe.

Through its initiatives, its actions, the European Federation of Pageantry strives to establish ethical standards that best serve the industry at large.

The European of Pageantry wants to install honest and fair business practices in pageantry and services in Europe.

The Federation brings together a community of national associations that share the same core values. Values that the community of Federation commits to uphold and promote through the Code of Ethics and Deontological of Pageantry.

The members will be the pageantry associations from across the EEA area, as well as the UK.






Pageant Organizations

Our Vision

Our industry will only grow in a sustainable way if it is underpinned by a robust set of ethical standards and principles as defined by the Code of Ethics and Deontologic of Pageantry.

The European Federation of Pageantry serves as a self-governing industry body that exists to elevate the empowering message, virtues, and values of beauty pageants in Europe.

The Federation’s member associations have built their reputation on the promotion of the principles of the Code as well developing significant accreditation procedures for their own system.

Our Mission

  1. Lobbying – To be the authoritative voice for the promotion of ethical in pageantry in Europe with all relevant european, regional or national authorities.
  2. Self-Regulation – To promote the pageantry business model in compliance with a self-regulatory framework for ethical pageantry.
  3. Best Practice Community – To be a platform of exchange of best-practice and benchmarking for the community of organization as well as their members.
  4. Code of Ethics – It will help provide a robust series of policies that sets the ethical standard of conduct for the state, national and european pageant community. It is designed to serve as a baseline of ethics for those associated with the pageant industry.
  5. Consumer Protections. The Federation supports the global pageant industry and promotes fair and ethical standards of competition.   Our desire is to see every competitor flourish and grow through empowering pageant experiences.

The Team

Mélanie LaPuce


Lionel Mortier

Vice Chair

Bruno C.


Aurelien Ducrocq

Communication Vice Chair

Sonia Mansour

Board Member